'Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles' Brings the Very First Chroma Green Technology in Philippine Cinema!

The Philippine Cinema is now entering into another generation of modern technology. Another milestone, a new trend in the movie-making industry is yet to unfold! And this is via the so-called Chroma Green Technology that will be introduced by the newest horror-flick!

It seems that the year 2012 is a year of Horror Movies! Almost every month, new horror films were shown in different cinemas by the different film outfits. We have now a horror film about possession, then another horror film focusing on psychological drama, afterwards a horror film combining suspense and thriller, and of course a horror film about 'Aswang,' the one where almost all the Filipinos were familiar with!    

Hearing about an 'Aswang' film makes us think that this is a traditional Filipino horror which many of us truly grew up with. But this thinking eventually changed after learning the making of "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles!"

Just recently, a media conference was conducted for the upcoming horror flick "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles." Media specialists, press people, and bloggers joined the people behind the said movie such as its director, actors, and movie graphic artists. It was an extra-ordinary press conference since the delegates got a chance to see the preview of the film.                

 Erik Matti, the director of the movie shared exciting facts about the movie. And one of these facts is the use of Chroma Green Technology. 

Direk Erik Matti Brings Another Milestone in Philippine Cinema!
Five Film Outfits Collaborate for the Movie
Ramon Bautista Shares His Experience While Doing the Movie!

Yes, "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" is the very first Filipino movie which uses Chroma Green. Chroma Green is a technique wherein a particular studio was wrapped by green screen. And in this green screen, special effects were performed giving a unique life to the background of the movie scene. Proud to say that the movie is shot entirely in green screen using a 2,000 square meter studio. All the backgrounds that you will see in the movie are all products of Chroma Green!

More about the Chroma Green, this technology is commonly used for weather update forecasts, where an interactive map is seen behind the presenter. The use of green screen is predominant in Hollywood blockbusters and advertising to achieve the effects needed for the material. Direk Matti happily shared that they used their resourcefulness in having the green screens. Most of the screens were scrap materials bought chiefly in Divisoria. Take note that these green screens used in Hollywood films were too expensive!         

Direk Matti even shared his success story in producing films. He remembered that 10 years ago, he was very active in doing sexy films such as "Dos Ekis,"  "Prosti," and "Scorpio Nights." He further revealed that his wife was very disappointed to the quality of the films he made before because of a dim or dark background. But he promised that 10 or 15 years later, he will make a great film that will introduce a trend in the Philippine Cinema! And that promise materialized via "Tiktik!"       

RJ Salvador, The Nephew of Philip Salvador Plays 'Aswang' in the Movie!
Direk Erik Matti Reveals the Hi-Tech In the Making of the Movie! 
The Director and the Actor

Aside from the hi-tech effects, Direk Matti even creates a perfect combination of stars playing lead roles in the film. They are Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez, and Janice De Belen who were all "Products of Aswang Movies!"  Agree?! 

Dingdong Dantes plays a significant role in the movie! He is paired for the first time to the co-Kapuso sexy actress Lovi Poe who is now dubbed as the "Queen of Horror Films!" Direk Matti revealed that when Dingdong read the script, he immediately got interested to become part of the movie! According to Direk, "kung wala si Dong baka hanggan ngayon drawing pa rin ang movie na'to!" Dingdong is one of the producer of the movie.   

Joining Dingdong, Janice, Joey, and Lovi are promising stars like LJ Reyes, Ramon Bautista, and RJ Salvador who is the nephew of the veteran actor Philip Salvador and the cousin of the young actress Maja Salvador! RJ and LJ portray "Aswang" in the movie. 

The film is brought by the five film companies namely Agostodos, Post Manila, Reality Entertainment, Mothership, and GMA-Films. The Kapuso film outfit is the distributor of the movie!

"Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" is set to hit the theaters this coming October 17, 2012. A red carpet premiere night in SM Megamall will be on October 15. 

Everybody is really excited to see this movie. Another great one of a kind horror flick! Two thumbs up!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)      

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