Alden Richards Prepares Himself for the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash!

Kapuso teen hunk Alden Richards is getting ready for Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2012 Cosmo Bachelor Bash. Alden will hit the ramp along with 68 other ‘bachelors’ in a show-off of beautiful physique happening mid-September.

In fact, he headed for the gym immediately after he and his on-screen partner Louise delos Reyes answered questions from fans online via the GMA Network Live Chat on Thursday, September 6.

The teen actor said in an interview that despite his very busy schedule – he tapes for his soap three times a week and also performs in Party Pilipinas – he finds time to work-out.

Alden also follows a strict diet which restricts him to just fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, Alden contracted amoebiasis last week possibly due to his consumption of raw fruits, which might have been contaminated. He was hospitalized for two days.

Although still recuperating, Alden resumed taping after hospitalization because he did not want to be a cause of delay in the production.

Alden invited Louise to the Bachelor Bash but the beautiful teen actress hasn’t made up her mind yet. Louise, however, admitted that she was fascinated when she saw Alden’s macho physique in the latest issue of a glossy magazine.

Meanwhile, the pair’s primetime series is nearing its finale and viewers are intrigued by how the story will conclude. Although Alden and Louise did not “spill the beans,” they hinted that the finale will surely leave viewers teary-eyed. Now, whether that would be out of joy or sorrow, that’s what they should watch out for.

Alden and Louise, at the moment, do not know what specific projects are coming their way after “One True Love” but they are aware that GMA Network is preparing something for them.(

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