Will Martin Del Rosario Be the Philippine's "Horror Prince?!"

Fresh from the success of the horror film "The Healing" with the Star for All Season Ms. Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu, young hunk Martin Del Rosario once more star in another horror flick. This time, it's for "Amorosa: The Revenge!"

If three young actresses today namely Maja Salvador, Lovi Poe, and Empress were sharing the title of "Horror Princess" since they were all star in different hit horror films, will Martin Del Rosario be the sole owner of the title "Horror Prince?!"

Martin made a remarkable acting in the recent horror movie "The Healing." He portrayed the character of Gov. Vi's son and the stepbrother of Kim. His acting stint in the said film is truly noticeable. He improves a lot in different aspects!

In "Amorosa: The Revenge," Martin plays the character of Amiel, one of the sons of Ms. Angel Aquino. He revealed in the recently held Blogger's Conference that his role in this newest movie is more challenging as he portrays the character of a blind man.

According to the young actor, he reinvented himself for this movie. What everyone saw in "The Healing" will be different in "Amorosa." In his newest movie, aside from being blind, he is a caring son and brother.

Martin further revealed that "Amorosa" is not only a horror flick. It has a touch of drama and involves issues of family relationships. It also reflects how the decision we make can affect our lives and how it leads to different consequences.

The movie is truly intriguing! Everyone is also excited for the new character of Martin. Do you think Martin's performance in this film can surpass his success in "The Healing"?! And will you agree to give the title of "Horror Prince" to Martin?!

Catch Martin Del Rosario in "Amorosa: The Revenge" showing on theaters this coming August 29, 2012!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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  1. According to the latest news that Martin Del Rosario has become more compatible in his part behind this scene. Anyway, congratulations for this job well done.