The Inside Showbiz Stud Party Turned A Cold Night Hot with the Hottest Men!

The rains and winds are turning the weather cold and chilly but the Inside Showbiz Stud Party turned one special night scorching hot!

Last August 16, 2012, Inside Showbiz magazine presented a special event to turn up the heat this wet season. With the release of Inside Showbiz’s Hottest Men issue this August, the magazine brought together showbiz fans, media friends and magazine supporters to the Inside Showbiz Stud Party!

The event consisted of three fashion show segments, starting with the “Boy Next Door”, the “Men in Uniform” and, the most daring and talked about finale, the “Good Enough to Eat”. Hot male models walked on the ramp, with some of the Inside Showbiz Hottest Men present to greet their fans.

Guests who showed their copy of Inside Showbiz’s August Issue, with Sam Milby on the cover, were able to watch the show. Lucky guests were able to win the raffle, with some who joined the fun games went home with more prizes.

The Inside Showbiz Stud Party is a special treat as the magazine brings readers and fans together to an event dominated by some of the country’s hottest men. The event was held at Excess Superclub, located in Timog Ave; Quezon City.

Sponsors of the event are: AZTA Salon, Bench, Carbtrim, Hennessy, Nisce, Nutrilite, Pregroe at Regrow.(

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