'Amorosa: The Revenge' Deals With Real-Life Horror Stories!

After the success of the horror flicks like "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" and "The Healing," Star Cinema together with Skylight Light Films bring us their third horror movie offering this year. This is "Amorosa: The Revenge!"

"Amorosa: The Revenge" is not only an ordinary film we all know. It combines terror and family values with a touch of psychological factor. The director of the movie Direk Topel Lee also reveals that he uses his special technique for this movie.

But aside from these things, what makes "Amorosa" an extra-ordinary horror film is that the lead stars and the production staff of the movie experienced a real-life horror while filming the movie. These were unveiled by the cast and director of the movie during the recently held Blogger's Conference of "Amorosa" in Wangfu Restaurant, I'll Terrazo, Tomas Morato, QC.

Angel Aquino with Her Two Sons in the Movie Martin Del Rosario and Enrique Gil

Ejay Falcon Joins the Lead Stars of "Amorosa"

The movie was shot in Tanay, Rizal. The foggy location in the middle of the forest contributes scream in the movie. "We rented an old house for this film," Direk Topel shared.

Direk Enrico Santos of Skylight Films said that while shooting the movie, they experienced their own ghost stories. "Minsan may biglang kumakalabog. Or minsan biglang sasara 'ung pinto kahit walang tao," he narrated.

"Sabi 'nung isang staff namin na nakakakita talaga, meron daw talagang nagbabatay dun sa bahay," Ms. Angel Aquino, the lead star of the movie added. "But we're thankful na wala kaming nagambala or na-abused na spirit while doing the movie," Angel further shared.

Adding more terrifying experience to the team was that, "kahit bumabagyo na at bumabaha sa buong Metro Manila, kami tuloy pa din sa shooting. Talagang na-trapped kami sa Tanay," Direk Topel unveiled. Majority of the scenes in the movie were finished during the devastating 'Habagat' week in the country.

Angel Aquino Plays a Controversial Character of Rosa in the Movie

"Amorosa" is Enrique Gil's First Ever Horror Movie!

Martin Del Rosario Embarks Another Challenging Role in the Movie after "The Healing"

Ejay Falcon Has A Surprising Role in the Film!

Empress Sites the Significance of Her Character in the Movie

Direk Topel Lee Shares That He Uses His Special Technique in the Movie

Fresh from the success of "The Healing," Martin Del Rosario returns on another horror movie via "Amorosa." He plays the character of Amiel, one of the sons of Angel and the brother of Enrique. "Challenging ang role ko dito since I'll portray the character of a blind man."

When asked about his terrifying experience, Martin shared, "ako nung bata ako, takot talaga ako sa manyika." "But when I grow old, na-overcome ko na siya. Pero 'nung ginagawa namin 'ung movie na sinasaliwan ng frightening sound ng piano, bumalik 'ung takot ko. Pagnakakakita uli ako ng dolls, agad kong pinalalayo s'kin," Martin explained.

Enrique Gil on the other hand shared that he is a person who didn't got frightened easily. "Hindi talaga ako matatakuting tao. But when doing the movie, I felt scared because of the location." "Foggy kase 'ung place tapos nasa gitna pa ng forest na walang tao," he added. "Amorosa: The Revenge" is actually Enrique's first ever horror film!

The cast also revealed their favorite horror film which truly makes them scared. Majority of them like "Jaws" and "The Exorcist." Ejay Falcon who is also part of the lead characters shared that his most favorite scary movie is the "Aswang" episode of the local film "Shake, Rattle, and Roll!"

The Movie Poster of "Amorosa: The Revenge"

The Whole Cast and Director of the Movie

Angel Aquino further shared that her character as Rosa is her most challenging role. "Dito kase hindi ka lang nananakot. Horror sya na may kasamang drama," she emphasized. Angel is best known in the teleseryes like "Magkaribal" and "Maria La Del Barrio" as she played the remarkable antagonists namely Vera and Victoria Dela Vega! "Amorosa: The Revenge" is actually her second horror movie since she was already part of the previous classic film "Siquor."

The movie is also a family drama wherein the story revolves around the mother and sons. The family undergone an accident that will change their lives. It tackles the importance of decision and its consequences.

According to the director of the movie, the title "Amorosa" was derived from a midnight flower. We will see how this kind of flower is related to the whole flow of the story. For me, the title of the movie is actually the combination of the names of the characters of Martin as Amiel, Enrique as Rommel, and Angel as Rosa. Putting "Amiel," "Rommel", and "Rosa" altogether brings us "Amorosa!" Cool!

Also part of the movie are Carlo Aquino, Franco Daza, Nico Antonio, Jairus Aquino, Mosang, Richard Quan, and with the special participation of Xyriel Manabat. The movie also introduces Jane Oineza.

"Amorosa: The Revenge" will start to frighten the theaters nationwide this coming August 29, 2012! It's truly a must see movie and an extra-ordinary horror flick! Two thumbs up!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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