The Full Trailer of PHR Presents 'Pintada!'

Another new offering of the hottest pocketbook TV series adaptation has been opened. This is "Pintada" which tells another unusual and passionate love story!

Denise Laurel and Martin Del Rosario lead this newest "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" flavor. Denise is playing the character of a high school teacher Lysa Alvarez while Martin is portraying a naughty student Sev Poblador. They will involve in a teacher-student relationship!

Here is the full official trailer of "Pintada." Let's all watch this:

This newest afternoon TV series also stars Yen Santos, James Reid, Eslove Briones, and Lemuel Pelayo. It replaces the recently concluded PHR offering, "Hiyas!"

This is another sizzling TV series that will surely put our afternoon in higher temperature! Great!(

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