Carmina Villaroel-Zaijan Jaranilla Unique Love Team in 'Lorenzo's Time' Rocks Primetime Bida!

Love once more proves that there is no age limit between two persons falling in love! That may be the reason why the Carmina Villaroel-Zaijan Jaranilla love team is clicked among the audience!

Actress-TV host Carmina Villaroel is delighted with the countless positive feedback of TV viewers about her unique ‘love team’ with Kapamilya child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla in their top-rating Primetime Bida teleserye on ABS-CBN, “Lorenzo’s Time.”

Our story itself is very endearing. I personally find it cute because it’s something new. It’s not a typical love team where in the actors are of the same age,” said Carmina who is a self-confessed fan of her leading man’ Zaijan.

“Zaijan is trully a brilliant child star. You cannot come to the set unprepared and say ‘he’s just a kid’ because Zaijan will leave you unnoticed and rule the scene,” said Carmina. “And the kid is very charming. He’s so great. Actually, I’m Zaijan’s fan since his Santino days in ‘May Bukas Pa.”

Aside from her ‘love team’ with Zaijan, Carmina takes pride with the fact that “Lorenzo’s Time” gives the viewers a different kind of entertainment every night. “Compared with other primetime teleseryes, our show has a lighter story that captures the child in every viewer’s heart. It’s not just drama because it also has a unique touch of comedy and it’s great for the whole family because Enzo’s life is full of values,” Carmina shared.

Will Enzo (Zaijan) finally win back the heart of his first love Kat-Kat (Carmina)? Or will he finally realize that he cannot turn back time now because a lot has changed with the lives of the people around him including the only girl that he loves?

Let's catch more exciting episodes of "Lorenzo's Time" weeknights right after "Walang Hanggan" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida!(

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