Eula Valdez as 'Black Lily' in 'Walang Hanggan' Teaser Released!

Versatile actress Ms. Eula Valdez now joins the cast of the Philippine's No. 1 undisputed TV series "Walang Hanggan!" She will portray the character of the rebellious 'Black Lily!'

Finally, ABS-CBN released the teaser of Eula's character! What will be Black Lily's role in the life of the main character Daniel (Coco Martin)?! Well, let's watch this teaser of Ms. Eula Valdez and see how she will change the twist in the story! Here it goes:

As seen in the teaser, she will play a great impact to the life of Daniel. Will she be the new love interest of Daniel?! Will she be the third party between the endless love story of Daniel and Katerina (Julia Montes)?!

Aside from Daniel, what will be her major role in the romance of Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta)?! Is Black Lily the sister of Jane (Rita Avila) who is seeking revenge for the death of her sister?!

With the addition of Ms. Eula Valdez, the story of "Walang Hanggan" becomes more exciting and interesting! We're pretty sure that 'Black Lily' will be another remarkable character of Ms. Eula Valdez in addition to her famous roles before as Amor Powers in "Pangako Sa'yo" and as Selina Matias in the 2011 remake of "Mula Sa Puso!"

Black Lily is one of the most important things we should look forward as "Walang Hanggan" enters to its Book 2! The said teleserye will continue to dominate your nights as it was extended until October of this year! Great! Two thumbs up "Walang Hanggan!"(

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  1. Extended till october this year? Promise? Hanggang october na lang please! Kasi nanonood kami para maentertain ninyo, hindi para inisin, di ba? Nakakatense na rin! Thank you. Proven, magagaling silang lahat lalo na si Daniel!

  2. Sana meron kayong bagong teleserye at sila pa rin ang gaganap. Thank you.

  3. Pwede ba, nag sasawa na kami Sa kaka twist ng story ng walang hanggan. Please Lang Baka mating katulad nyo ang isang telesoap na it ends up badly. The more you make it longer it becomes distasteful. Soba na! Suka na ako Kay Margaret and the rest. Please,

  4. Please, I've been following it from the beginning and I've come to a point that I'm getting fed up! Kasi over an ang twist ng story, walang an so solve na just adds up and becoming depressing. So, if you don't want to end up like buddoy, like da.......parang dinugtungan na Lang para ma-finish.... Please, people.......stop twisting the story para mapa haba Lang. will end up an walang saysay.

  5. Just as I was starting to rave about how philippine soap operas have come a long way and how our directors, writers , actors, etc. have "raised the bar", Walang Hanggan Book 2 was launched! Come on, people! You can do better than this....Why ruin something excellent by adding unrealistic,ridiculous and stupid twists!

  6. I thought Eula will be a great addition to the cast pero walang sariling identity yung role nya. Yung mysterious na "black lily" hindi namin maramdaman. Actually walang mark si "Ms. Amor Powers" this time, since fit talaga yung role n'ya for Rita Avila.

    To ABS, the soap is a phenomenon and we have been following it from the very start. Please pagantihin nyo naman si Coco. Bugbog siya from the start, nung yumaman, until now sa Book 2 bugbog pa

    And please lang, enough of the revivals na theme songs. Andami nating magagaling na artists pero paulit ulit lang ang songs. You even managed to come up with 2nd CD na puro revival naman. Sa lakas ng Walang Hanggan sana man lang nagpa-compose kayo ng kahit isang original song. Sayang ang mga singers naten na walang sariling kanta. :(