Coco Martin's Look as Ramon in 'Tayong Dalawa' Revitalized in 'Born to Love You!'

A long hair with a hairy face...this is the appearance of Coco Martin in his latest movie "Born to Love You." In the said film, Coco is playing the character of a photographer named Rex.

But actually this is not the first time of Coco to have a strange look like this! Yeah, if you can still recall, Coco already had that same look in his first hit TV series "Tayong Dalawa" way back in 2009.

In "Tayong Dalawa," Coco is playing the bad boy half brother of the two David Garcia Jr., Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. He gave life to the character of Ramon Recumberi, the gang leader of the firearms syndicate!

To camouflage himself to the authorities, Ramon changed his look being a man with a long hair and with a hairy face.

Below is Coco Martin's appearance as Ramon Recumberi in "Tayong Dalawa:"

Coco Martin as Ramon in "Tayong Dalawa"

It's nice to see Ramon back now in a movie! But he's not anymore a villain. Rather, he is now a leading man to fall in love with!

Actually Coco's character as Ramon in the said teleserye paved the way for him to become a mainstream actor! Because of his effective portrayal in "Tayong Dalawa," many other hit soaps followed wherein he is in the leading roles like "Tonyong Bayawak," "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin," and the current undisputed hit "Walang Hanggan!"

Here are some more photos of Coco Martin from their movie "Born to Love You" reminding us of his look as Ramon of "Tayong Dalawa:"

"Born to Love You" is Coco Martin's first mainstream romantic-comedy movie. It also marks his first team-up with the Teleserye Theme Song Queen and Star Power Champion Angeline Quinto! The movie is currently hitting the Philippine cinemas nationwide!

With his effective portrayals in either movie or TV series, Coco Martin truly deserves his title being the Most Awarded Actor of the decade! Great job Papa Coco! Keep it up. More new roles to come!(

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