Will Evil Take Over in the Finale of 'Oka2kat?!'

Will evil be totally ruined the whole town of Pueblo Peligro?! How can the gang of good side stop the evil forces in dominating their place?!

This Saturday, get ready to witness another fight between the good and the dark force in the final episode of "Oka2Kat!"

Andrew (Paul Salas) joins the dark side led by Celestina (Lauren Young) and it’s up to his friends Luna (Sue Anna Ramirez), Neil (Makisig Morales), Princess (Jane Oineza) and Joey (Joshua Colet) to save him and the whole town of Pueblo Peligro from total peril.

Celestina puts Andrew under her spell and orders the young boy to open the passageway to the evil world. What will it take for Andrew to snap out of the spell? Is this is end of Pueblo Peligro? How can the gang stop evil from taking over their town?

Don’t miss the finale of “Oka2kat” this Saturday (May 5), 4 PM, right after “Showbiz Inside Report” on ABS-CBN. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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