'Oka2kat' Cast Shares Their Real Life Horror Experience While Doing the TV Series!

The 90's inspired weekend horror TV series "Oka2kat" is set to conclude this Saturday! Another frightening episode is about to unfold!

But did you know that the main cast itself experienced real-life horror stories?!

Well, let's all listen to their stories! Here are the two video clips featuring the main characters of "Oka2kat" sharing their very own horror experience while taping for the said series:

So surprising to know that even them also experience these kind of frightening experience!

Will it be a more terrifying ending happen this Saturday (May 5) afternoon on the said TV series?!

Don't miss the final episode of "Okat2kat" today at 4pm right after "Showbiz Inside Report" only in ABS-CBN! We'll gonna miss this gang! Thumbs up guys! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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