The Mermaids of the Hit Fantaseryes Welcome 'Aryana!'

Four fantaseryes from the Kapamilya network focusing the stories about mermaids and sea creatures were already created a phenomenal hit on the history of Philippine TV series. They were "Marina" (2004), "Dyosa" (2008), "Agua Bendita" (2010), and "Mutya" (2011).

"Marina" which was portrayed by Ms. Claudine Barretto is the very first mermaid TV series and the very first fantaserye on Philippine TV! "Marina" gave birth to the other different fantasy series coming from the different networks.

In 2008, Anne Curtis played three supernatural creatures in her fantaserye "Dyosa". And one of these is Dyosa Agua who is the goddess of the sea!

2004 - "Marina"

2008 - "Dyosa"

2010 - "Agua Bendita"

2011 - "Mutya"

Then in 2010, another story about water creature created a new mark on TV. This was "Agua Bendita" played by Andi Eigenmann which tells the story about twins wherein one of them is a human in a form of water named Agua.

And early last year, the first child mermaid captivated our hearts. She is the cute and lovable "Mutya" portrayed by no other than the child wonder Mutya Orquia.

This 2012, another new mermaid will be added on the list. She is the first teen mermaid named "Aryana!"

Here is the video teaser showing how the previous mermaids welcome Ella Cruz being the newest mermaid on Philippine TV series:

Are you excited for her?! Do you think "Aryana" can beat the record of the previous mermaids?! How is "Aryana" differ from the previous mermaids we watched and loved before?!

"Aryana" premieres this Monday, May 7, 2012 joining the undisputed Primetime Bida lineup of ABS-CBN! Good luck "Aryana!" (

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