The Teasers of Ella Cruz' Launching TV Series, 'Aryana!'

This summer, Ella Cruz will make a splash! She is going to swim in the deep blue ocean as she portrays a new mermaid named Aryana!

"Aryana" is the newest mermaid fantaserye which is set to hit the Primetime.

Aryana is the tale of a typical teen-age girl if not for her magical fish tail that is triggered to existence when her legs come into contact with water.

Here are the series of teasers of "Aryana." Let's all watch this:

The said fantaserye is Ella's first leading role. Ella was first seen in the Kapamilya network as the teen Jasmin Valderama in "Dahil Sa Pag-ibig."

"Aryana" premieres this May 2012 in Primetime Bida and perhaps replaces "Wako Wako!"(

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