The Music Video of 'City Hunter' Theme Song, "Suddenly!"

"City Hunter" is today's hottest and most watched Koreanovela starring the Asianovela superstar, Lee Min Ho portraying the character of the City Hunter named Johny Lee.

The story is full of action. But amidst of the battle, a love story emerged between the two lead characters namely Johny Lee and Nana Kim. Their sweet romance is also one of the reasons why many got hooked with this Koreanovela.

As this TV series becomes so popular, its theme song also becomes famous! The theme song of it is called "Suddenly" and is now heard over the radio.

Well, here is the full version of the "City Hunter" theme song with its music video featuring some of the most 'kilig' scenes of Johny and Nana. Let's all watch this:

"City Hunter" is already on its second to the last week. As it approaches its nearer end, expect for more exciting twists and turns in the story! We'll gonna miss this great Korean TV series!

Once more congratulations Mr. Lee Min Ho for another successful TV series! Cool! (

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