Jericho Rosales' Character Reveals: He is the Younger Brother of Piolo Pascual in 'Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig!'

More and more secrets were unveiled in the hit Primetime drama series "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig!" This week, another significant chapter unfolds!

The question on the minds of many viewers regarding the real character of Jericho Rosales will now be answered! His role is another vital one just like the character of Piolo Pascual!

Yup, Jericho is the long-lost younger brother of Alfred Valderama (Piolo Pascual). He is seeking revenge for the untimely death of his father (Joel Torre), of his mother (Melissa Mendez), and of his elder brother (whom he didn't know was alive)! He wants to kill Leo Valderama (Christopher De Leon) whom he believed the one who killed his whole family!

Well, if you can recall, Echo is definitely the little chubby boy who had witnessed the accidental killing of his father by Leo.

Jericho in the first chapters of the teleserye was known as Oliver Falcon. He is the adopted child of the rich Falcon couple (Freddie Webb and Carla Martinez) who is owning the Falcon industries. But actually in this night's episode, it was revealed that he is Jepoi Osorio, the younger brother of Alfred Valderama/Osorio!

Now that Oliver's heart is full of anger and hatred, what will he do to pull down the Valderama's?! Will his vengeance changes if he will know that the priest Alfred and the favorite son of Leo is actually his real elder brother?!

These are some of the exciting things we need to find out as the twist intensifies in "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" weeknights right after "Walang Hanggan" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida! This is definitely breath-taking! (

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