The Final Fate of 'Angelito Batang Ama' This Week!

"Angelito Batang Ama,"
another successful Kapamilya Gold TV series is now stepping on its final week! Starting this Monday, get ready to witness how the character of JM De Guzman as Angelito faces the great challenge in his life!

"Angelito Batang Ama" tells the story of a young man who eventually becomes a father. Because they were not yet ready to raise a family, Angelito and his girlfriend Rosalie (Charee Pineda) who is also the mother of his son were separated. Their son chose between his parents whom he will take care of him!

Here is the trailer of the final week of "Angelito Batang Ama." Let's all watch this:

Will Rosalie survive the tragedy? Will Angelito and Rosalie end up together building a one big happy family?! These were just some of the things we need to find out in the concluding episode of "Angelito Batang Ama!" Catch the last 5 chapters of this teleserye this week in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold! (

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