Vaults Magazine Features Timeless Classics!

“Vault’s” latest issue delves into the nostalgia of the past—how the resurgence of classic brands remains timeless and exceptional. From vintage tube amps to Ivy League prep, “Vault” returns to products that revive memories and are built to last.

The latest issue explores Champagne, France, highlighting the finest bubblies produced from the region, and retrace the roots of caviar, made famous by the Russians who began harvesting the fine, black pearls since 13th century. The 13th century also brings back to Florence, Italy, where Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, one of the world’s oldest pharmacies and perfumeries, was founded in 1221 by Dominican monks whose herbal products are still sought after today.

“Vault” also ventures to Geneva, Switzerland for the luxury watch fair Salon International de la Haute Horologie to see classic watchmaking at its best, noting new trends among elite watch houses like Cartier and Vacheron Constantin.

The magazine also lingers in Kyoto, Japan, exploring the city’s endangered cultural treasures and ceremonies found in traditional tea houses, zen rock gardens, and the fast-disappearing kyomachiya, or Japanese wooden house, whose classic architecture originates in Kyoto.

Vault is a modern, sophisticated man’s lifestyle magazine featuring global luxury brands, unique experiences, and fine products that represent the best achievements of the human hand. Its approach to luxury is informed by creativity, craftsmanship, passion, and heritage.

In every issue you will find exceptional people and brands, which draw from the past to create the new icons of our age. Published quarterly by ABS-CBN Publishing, each issue has sections dedicated to automobiles, aviation, new establishments, equipment, travel, timepieces, art, style, grooming, property, and fine dining.

Vault is sold at all major bookstores in Metro Manila and is available for download on Zinio. To download ABS-CBN’s magazines, users on Android devices must download the Zinio app from the Android Market. The app is also available through the iPad App Store. PC and Mac users can access Zinio at (

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