Spotlight: Meet the Yoga Hunk Al Galang, The Said New BF of Vicky Belo!

The name Al Galang becomes so popular since last Monday, February 20, 2012. He is said as the new boyfriend of Dra. Vicky Belo as insisted by Hayden Kho!

Who is really he? What is his relationship to the famous cosmetic doctor?!

After his name was dragged to the Vicky Belo-Hayden Kho relationship, people got so curious about him! All really want to know him up, close, and personal!

So, let's take the spotlight on the sexy yummy hunk Al Galang!

Al's real name is Aljarreu Galang. He is 28 years old and stands stands at 6’1." His hometown is in San Diego, California. Wow!

Al took up Political Science and Art History at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and later committed two years to the headquarters of Bikram Yoga College of India, culminating in his certification as a Bikram Yoga teacher. No doubt why he is now the owner and director of the Sundar Bikram Yoga in Greenhills.

Yoga paved the way for the good relationship of Vicky and Al. Yup, he is the instructor of Dra. Vicky Belo!

More about Yoga which is his cup of tea, from San Diego, California in the US, Al settled back here in Manila in 2006 to become a Bikram Yoga instructor and eventually establish his Bikram Yoga studio.

In 2007, joined the prestige sexy pageant Mossimo Bikini Summit. And he placed 2nd runner up in the said pageant! Great!

Al is said to be the former boyfriend of ETC host Sam Oh.

Right now, Al is the spokesperson and ambassador of yoga for Adidas Philippines.

As of this day, Al is already out from the Vicky-Hayden issue after Hayden retracted his statement that Vicky didn't cheat on him and Al didn't became Vicky's boyfriend. After his statement on Twitter, Hayden immediately deleted his Twitter account as well as the photo of the alleged letter of Al to Vicky!

But still, Al already rose in fame! He is now one of the yummy hunk fantasies of many of us! (

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