The Sexy Hot Half-Naked Lee Min Ho Shower Scene in 'City Hunter!'

The character of the Asianovela superstar Lee Min Ho in his latest TV series "City Hunter" is truly deadly! Deadly not only because he is killing people in the story. But deadly in a way that you will be killed by his ultimate hotness and yumminess!

On the first chapters of the said Koreanovela, Lee Min Ho made an oozing remarkable appearance! He showed his sexy hot body in his shower scene!

I know many of us still cannot yet recover from this very hot shower scene of Lee Min Ho. So, I'm bringing it back to you. Here is a full photo of the half-naked Lee Min Ho during his sizzling shower show:

Oops, wait...there's more! Here are more of the sexy shower photo of Lee Min Ho now focusing his wet and wild upper body!

Let's take a quick glance on these other hot photos of your idol:

If you think that "City Hunter" is the first TV series of Lee Min Ho wherein he showed his sexy yummy body through a shower scene, you're definitely wrong!

Lee Min Ho already shared an oozing shower scene in his previous Koreanovela "Perfect Match!" Yup, this is his romance-comedy type TV series wherein he camouflage himself as a discreet gay to capture the interior design of the house of his love interest. The said Koreanovela was also aired in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida way back in 2010!

Here is the said shower scene of Lee Min Ho in "Perfect Match." Can you still recall this one?

On his current Koreanovela "City Hunter," Lee Min Ho shows more action and fight scenes! He kills many evil people in the story specially those trash politicians!

But his hotness and yumminess can definitely kill not only his enemies in the story! Rather, all his avid viewers! Ooh-lala...!!!

Looking forward for more hot scenes of Lee Min Ho in the succeeding episodes of "City Hunter!" Hahaha...!!! Keep it up dude! (

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