PBB's Ex-Housemate Wendy Shares Her Experience and Feelings to Carlo After Exiting Kuya's House!

Controversial “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” ex-housemate Wendy admitted to feeling ‘kilig’ from her romantic fling with housemate Carlo, whom she sees as respectful, gentlemanly, sweet, and an ideal boyfriend.

But after getting evicted from the famous PBB house last Saturday (Feb 4), she found out that her boyfriend Lance had almost gone out of the country because he could no longer bear the negative spotlight he was cast into when Wendy and Carlo’s trivial flirting had many eyebrows raising.

“I have already apologized to him. I wasn’t so careful with what I said and did because I was becoming more and more comfortable inside the house. Little did I know that Lance took all the negative criticisms about me,” explained Wendy.

While the fling generated hype for the reality show, Wendy revealed she has yet to have actual feelings for Carlo, and that her physical separation from boyfriend Lance only made their relationship stronger. In fact, she feels grateful to PBB for drawing Lance and her parents closer as both parties had been consoling each other when they worried about Wendy.

“Lance fought for me, and my parents saw that he really cared for me when he faced the consequences of my PBB stint. Before I entered the house, I was unsure if they would ever hit it off. I felt so happy when my mom and Lance both welcomed me in the outside world when I got evicted,” she said.

Known for her sincerity and frankness, Wendy is one of the most recognizable personalities in PBB’s present season. Her popularity among viewers proved to be undeniable, for even when she was repeatedly nominated week after week, she would score a high percentage of votes that saved her from eviction. She even considered the nominations a chance to prove herself to her housemates, family, and the public.

Wendy revealed, “It turned out to be an opportunity for me to step up and prove my detractors wrong. I do not regret anything; I went through all the tasks without quitting.”

Now that her stay inside the PBB house is over, the alluring ramp model dreams anew of becoming a beauty queen and be teamed up with her showbiz crush Piolo Pascual. She also intends to enter showbiz and wants to build a successful career similar to her idol’s, the versatile PBB host Toni Gonzaga whom Wendy admires for her singing, hosting, and acting prowess.

“She can do anything. It all seems so natural to her,” Wendy quipped.

Sometimes Wendy is referred to as the housemate who was raised like a princess, but the program’s avid spectators have come to know her as a spoiled brat who is brave enough to express and stand up for what she truly feels. As she faces new challenges outside of the PBB house, she brings with her the most important lesson she learned as a housemate: patience.

“Big Brother teaches the housemates to be persistent. The old Wendy would immediately back out on the tasks, but I carried on,” she said.

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