2011 TV Series Craze Awards Winner - Jhong Hilario is the "Kontrabida of the Year!"

Jhong Hilario effectively and successfully portrayed his character as the villain Gary David in the hit TV series remake "Mara Clara." He truly made the people's blood boiled to the highest level! No questions why he was hailed as the "2011 Kontrabida of the Year" here in our very own TV Series Craze Awards!

Gary David, Mrs. Sy, Doña Victoria Dela Vega, Madam Lucille, Clarisse, Lucas, Clara, and Edward Fuentabella were some of the remakable 'kontrabidas' last 2011 in the world of TV series! But the power of the one and only Gary David beated them all!

Here is the official and final tally votes:

Jhong who reprised the character of Gary David in this generation's "Mara Clara" got a whooping 38% overall total votes!

Meanwhile, Ms. Cherry Pie Picache who portrayed the antagonist Mrs. Sy in "My Binondo Girl" and last 2010's Kontrabida of the Year awardee Angel Aquino who is now the villain Victoria Dela Vega, the mother of Luis Dela Vega (Enchong Dee) in "Maria La Del Barrio" took the second and third spots respectively!

Here is the Top 3 ranking:

1. Jhong Hilario - 38%

2. Cherry Pie Picache - 13%

3. Angel Aquino - 11%

Truly, a TV series is senseless without the characters of these villains! They created twists, challenges, and colors to the story!

In 2010, it was Ms. Angel Aquino who grabbed the title being the most-hated Vera in another hit teleserye "Magkaribal!"

Congratulations Jhong Hilario a.k.a. Gary David for being the remakable kontrabida for 2011! It's indeed another milestone in your career! Thumbs up! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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