Gerald Anderson Turns Bald in 'Budoy!'

The character of the Primetime Prince Gerald Anderson as "Budoy" has a fresh new look! This time, he turns bald!

Below is how he looks like on the said hit Primetime TV series which is already shown on the recent episodes:

Gerald shaved head for his character as Budoy since his character as a mentality-ill needs to undergo a medical operation. Budoy was detected having a brain tumor. And he needs to bring to the US hospital for his operation!

Actually this is the third transformation of Budoy's look. In the early episodes of the said teleserye, Budoy is quite ugly having a long curly hair with a big front teeth. Later on when he became smarter, he turned handsome. And now on the recent chapters, he turned bald.

This is not the first time that Gerald Anderson shaves head for a TV series. Remember before in "Tayong Dalawa," Gerald's character as JR (David Garcia Jr.) was shaved when he was imprisoned?!

Right now on the recent episode of "Budoy," the Maniego Family is facing a court trial. Can the family overcome this trial in their lives? And taking about Budoy, can he recover from his tumor after his medical operation?!

These are just some of the important things we need to watch out in "Budoy" weeknights right after "E-Boy" only in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida! "Be Happy! Be Thankful! Be Budoy!" (

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