The Katy Perry Kissing Former PBB Teen Housemate Ivan Dorschner in Her Live Manila Concert!

Hottest Singing Sensation Katy Perry and former "PBB" teen housemate Ivan Dorschner became a trending topic in Twitter and talk of the world wide web during Katy's live concert held in Mall of Asia last Sunday night. It was because Katy kissed the topless Ivan up in the stage in front of the thousand viewers!

Katy asked the guys to turn-off their shirts. And of course, many did to impress the singer. But since most of them were mainly minor in age, Katy refused to call them up in the stage. Until here came the great Ivan Dorschner!

Ivan went up topless exposing his now sexy, hot, and yummy body! When Katy asked his age, he said that he's 20! And that started the next hot kissing scenes!

Katy interviewed Ivan with matching touch to his sexy chest down to his yummy abs. Until abruptly, he kissed the young boy!

Here is the complete video clip of the said 'torrid' kissing scene of Ivan and Katy. Let's all watch this and witness the full details:

And of course, here are some of the sizzling hot photos of Katy and Ivan during the said event for you to grab. Here they go:

It was such a very exciting event! As many say, the live concert of Katy dubbed as "California Girl Live in Manila" is truly worth watching!

Who do you think is lucky between the two - Katy kissing the yummy heartthrob Ivan whom everyone is dreaming of or Ivan who got a chance to kiss the international sexy hit maker?! (

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