Elisa is Finally Found But Her Life is in Danger in 'Nasaan Ka Elisa?!"

The long search is over! The long lost daughter of Mariano Altamira (Albert Martinez) who is Elisa Altamira (Melissa Ricks) was finally found! But the question goes, will Elisa survive?!

In the recent episode of this hit suspense-mystery Primetime TV series of the Kapamilya network, Bruno (Eric Fructuoso) who kidnapped Elisa was captured by the task force! The character of Joem Bascon who is the head investigator was about to go to the hideout of Bruno and Elisa. But, it was too late!

Cecille Altamira (Vina Morales), the wife of Bruno and the auntie of Elisa was the first to know the place. Learning that Elisa was the other woman of Bruno and thinking that Elisa betrayed her, she was about to kill Elisa with her gun! But Elisa was alert and she was able to hit Cecile with a metal pan letting her escape from the bad hands of her auntie!

Elisa ran into the highland. But still, Cecille was able to chase her! She shot Elisa! Elisa then fell on the hill bloody!

The shooting incident was up when the group of Mariano came! He carried his bloody daughter in his arms happy and crying! Atlast, he got his daughter back!

But still it was so sad! Though they finally retrieve Elisa from the evil hands, can she survive the gunshots? Will they know that her own auntie Cecille tried to kill her?! And what will be the next evil plans of Cecille after knowing that Elisa was finally found?!

These were just some of the breath-taking twists which excite the million viewers! Let's find out the next surprising chapters in "Nassan Ka Elisa?" weeknights right after "My Binondo Girl" only in ABS-CBN's top-rating Primetime Bida! Great! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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