The Cute Young Picture of Phil and James Younghusband!

The siblings James and Phil Younghusband are today's two of the hottest and sexiest celebrity sports players! We often see them on TV, playing the sports football, or endorsing different products on the magazine and billboards! But do you wonder how these two hunks look like before?!

Well, check out this picture of the kid James and Phil or better say, the young Younghusband brothers:

Baby James and Baby Phil Younghusband

Yeah, they were very cute! Can you identify in the picture if who is James and who is Phil?!

Tonight in TV5, get ready to know more about these two AZKALS heartthrobs as the documentary TV program "Anggulo" features the lives of these hunks!

Witness how their career started, where they grew up, and the important anecdotes in their lives! Nice!

"Anggulo" airs every Wednesday night at exactly 10:55pm right after "PS I Love You!" (

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