Angeline Quinto's Viral 'Fall' Video in 'ASAP 2012' During Her Aegis Song Performance!

Star Power Princess Angeline Quinto becomes a trending topic in Twitter and most-talkabout artist in Facebook after her "ASAP 2012" performance. She was very much praised by many people specially the netizens after singing the Aegis song "Mahal na Mahal Kita!"

Angeline tripped and fell on the stage during her performance! But instead of getting embarassed, she stood up, continued singing, and projected like nothing happened! She even able to say "sorry" after falling on tne stage!

According to many, Angeline showed professionalism! That's why she got more admirations instead of dissapointments!

If you missed the said January 8, 2012 episode of "ASAP 2012" during the said incident, here it is:

The Actual Fall Scene

And of course, here is the complete performance of Angeline Quinto plus the other singer champions. Let's all watch this:

The Complete Performance of the Champions:

Nice deed Angeline! Your act truly deserves a well-round of applause! Great! Keep it up!

And of course, thanks to XroltanX and ABSCBNTVCAPTURE101 for uploading these videos! (

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