American Idol David Archuleta is Now a Kapatid and Will Do a TV Series in TV5!

The 2009 American Idol Runner-Up David Archuleta is now the newest Kapatid member! It was officially announced by TV5 through its website that this 21-year old charming singer-songwriter will do a Primetime TV series in their network!

David is scheduled to arrive in Manila this coming January 13, 2012 to start his TV series with the network. And he will be paired to the Kapatid homegrown talents namely Jasmin Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero!

It seems that the local networks were now acquiring international talents. We may recall that last year, it was the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer who signed a contract with the Kapamilya network for his movie with Erich Gonzales. Now, it's the American Idol David Archuleta who joins the Kapatid network for a TV series!

This is another exciting trend in the Philippine showbiz. Hope that the entry of these international stars will boost the business!

Talking about David, he is a runner-up of the 8TH Edition of American Idol wherein David Cook was hailed as the winner! He popularized the songs like "Crush", "Zero Gravity", "Elevator," and "A Little Too Not Over You" which were all my favorite and previous theme songs! Good luck David! (

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