2011 TV Series Craze Awards Winner - 'My Binondo Girl' is the "Best Primetime TV Series!"

As three giant networks now were offering their different Primetime TV series, the battle in Primetime block gets more exciting! Drama, fantasy, romance, action, and comedy genres of teleseryes all fight one another to get this year's TV Series Craze Awards Best Primetime TV Series category!

"My Binondo Girl," the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim first ever tandem in the leading role is chosen by the people through the online poll to be the 2011 Best Primetime TV Series.

Here is the official and final results of the leading top 5 Primetime TV series:

1. "My Binondo Girl" - 27%

2. "Imortal" - 24%

3. "Iglot" - 10%

4. "Mara Clara" - 9%

5. "100 Days To Heaven" - 8%

"My Binondo Girl" garnered a 27% overall total votes. The votes got by this romance-comedy TV series is really closer to last year's Best TV series "Imortal" with a 24% overall total votes!

Occupying the third, fourth, and fifth ranks are "Iglot," "Mara Clara," and "100 Days to Heaven" with a 10%, 9%, and 8% votes respectively!

The total votes obtained by the said TV series were the combination of the online poll votes through this website and through its Facebook Fan Page!

"My Binondo Girl" gave rise to the newest and hottest love team now called as 'KimXi' or 'Jandy' pertaining to Kim and Xian. It also paved the way to the rise of the newest heartthrob in the name of Richard Yap or better known as Papa Chen!

Congratulations "My Binondo Girl!" It's truly a job well-done! Cool! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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