The Remarkable Movies of Tyron Perez!

Aside from being known as a "Starstruck" graduate, the late young actor Tyron Perez rose in fame after leading in two of the sexy Indie Films!

In 2006, he was launched in the sexy movie "Twilight Dancers." In the said movie, he played the character of Dwight, a young hot macho dancer!

Tyron worked together with two of the country's sizzling yummy hunks Lauren Noveno and Allen Dizon. This movie launched him as a hot sexy young actor of his generation.

"Twilight Dancers"

"Pipo: Ang Batang Pro"

After the success of "Twilight Dancers," another sexy Indie Film followed! In 2009, he once more led the film "Pipo: Ang Batang Pro" together with the so-called 'Frontal Nudity King' Marco Morales! He portrayed in this movie the role of Felix Pipo, a young prostitute who earned through cybersex!

These two sexy films brighten the star of Tyron! Because of these two movies, he immediately became a sex symbol or a fantasy of many!

"Twilight Dancers" and "Pipo: Ang Batang Pro" were two of the sexy hot movies which will make us remember Tyron Perez! May you Rest In Peace Papa Tyron! (www.TV Series

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