Poll Result: TV Series Craze Got an Excellent Rating This 2011!

The year 2011 is another great year for your favorite site TV Series Craze! This year, we got an overall website rating of Excellent! Thank you guys! =)

Upon the start of the year, we conducted an online survey which gathers the overall feedback of the readers, visitors, and viewers of the website. We asked the pulse of our million visitors if how they can rank this site. Is it Poor, Average, Good, or Excellent this year?!

And here is the official result:

From the overall total respondents, TV Series Craze got an overall rating of Excellent! It got 50% or 506 total votes for Excellent, 32% or 322 votes for Good, 7% or 75 votes for Average, and 9% or 91 votes for Poor! Wow!

This rating will serve as my inspiration to serve you more! Expect for more improvement, more enhancements, more interesting topics, more promos, and many more surprises this coming 2012!

Again, thank you for your warm acceptance and appreciation for TV Series Craze! More to come this 2012! I Love you guys! Have a Blessed New Year Ahead! c",) (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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  1. super idol talaga kita angel...Happy new year idol..excited na ako sa incoming movie niyo ni jlc,.angel locsin