2011 Year-End Special: The Controversial Showbiz Couples!

2011 is also a bitter year for some of the celebrity couples! During this year, they experienced a rock in their relationship! Worst is a bad breakup resulting to many controversies just like video scandal!

As 2011 bid farewell, let us look back to these four celebrity pairs who put color to the showbiz world! Who do you think among them is the most intriguing?! Who tops your list?!

Well, join me as we count down the top four showbiz breakups! Here they go:

4 - Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago

Claudine and Raymart were always reported being separated. But this 2011, it seems that there's a rock in their relationship when the million peso savings of Claudine were lost in her own bank account. There were also blind items reporting that Claudine was punched by her husband. But as 2011 goes on, the relationship of Claudine and Raymart was intact! Until now, they were together!

3 - John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao

The relationship of John Lloyd and Shaina became controversial when a third party in the name of Ruffa Gutierrez intervened! Ruffa accused Shaina that she texted her bad words. The issue grew like a fire causing a cool off between Shaina and John Lloyd. But after all, Lloydie and Shaina were still happy together!

2 - Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos

If Claudine and Raymart and Lloydie and Shaina were still on their relationship, Mo and Rhian on the other hand end up with a bad blood! A video featuring Mo Twister confessing his guilt about the abortion of Rhian to their baby was uploaded in YouTube and became viral. Rhian filed a case against Mo. Mo on the other hand flew in the other country. But although Mo was not anymore here in our country, another video was uploaded in YouTube this time showing Mo and Rhian having an intimate kiss!

1 - Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion

And the topnotcher of this year's showbiz breakup...it's no other than Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion! After they revealed that they were in a relationship last 2010, issues about their breakup were always reported. Until recently, KC admitted in her exclusive interview in "The Buzz" with Boy Abunda that they were already split, that she couldn't anymore take what PJ is doing, that PJ cannot give what a girlfriend wants from her boyfriend! This issue was once questioned the gender of Piolo. Even a third party was pinpointed as the cause of their breakup. The names of Maricar Reyes and Mark Bautista were being dragged in their issue!

These showbiz breakups really make us remember year 2011! We were even being affected by the emotions they were undertaking! Hope that all of them will finally found their respective partners specially in the case of Mo and Rhian and of Piolo and KC! Move on guys...!!! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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