The Man Behind the Lost of Elisa Reveals in 'Nasan Ka Elisa?!'

Will Elisa be finally found by her family now that the man behind her mysterious lost was finally revealed?!

As started on the Tuesday episode of this hit ABS-CBN Primetime TV series "Nasaan Ka Elisa?", Elisa (Melissa Ricks) finally appeared together with the man behind her lost! Yup, he is no other than Bruno De Silva played by Eric Fructuoso!

We all know that Bruno is the boyfriend of Cecille Altamira (Vina Morales). Because of their difference in their social status, Mariano (Albert Martinez), the elder brother of Cecile is against with their relationship. He was even not promoted in their company!

On the last night's episode of this said TV series, the story of romance between Elisa and Bruno was witnessed! Elisa willingly joined Bruno and hide somewhere just to keep their relationship as a secret since their family will not allow it!

But when Elisa discovered that her father Mariano was the suspect of her loss and learned that they were pinpointed having a romantic relationship, Elisa wanted to come out!

How will Elisa escape from the hands of Bruno?! Can her family finally learn about their secret?!

Every night, "Nasaan Ka Elisa?!" puts the Primetime in great heat! Now that we finally knew the man behind her loss, expect more and more exciting twists and revelations! Truly breath-taking! (www.TV Series

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