The TV Commercial of RJ Rosales!

RJ Rosales becomes so popular within these days after the news about his sudden death was reported! He died in Australia last Sunday, December 4, 2011.

I already shared with you different trivia about this hunk singer-actor. But do you know that RJ already appeared in one of the TV commercials here in the Philippines?

The said TV commercial featuring RJ Rosales is the TVC of Sinutab.

In the said TV commercial, RJ talked about sinus since he was endorsing a cold medicine.

Here is the said TV commercial of Sinutab featuring RJ Rosales. Let's all watch this:

The real cause of RJ's death was not disclose by his family!

May you rest in peace RJ! We are truly missing you! You really made various contributions in the different fields! (www.TV Series

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