The Sexy Shower Scene of Xian Lim in 'My Binondo Girl!'

Xian Lim is now one of the most promising hunk actor today. As he plays the character of Andy, Xian is now the favorite of many viewers.

People even see a great chemistry between Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. Their tandem in the hit TV series "My Binondo Girl" is now well accepted and gains many supporters! A loveteam now called as "Jandy" or "KimXi" were now formed!

But aside from the love team of Andy and Jade, one of the most memorable scene in the hit "My Binondo Girl" is the sexy shower scene of Andy. Yup, Xian showed some skin in their teleserye. 
Andy is so sexy while having his shower! His body is so toned! So yummy! More Andy scenes in the coming days!

In my next post, I will share with you some sweet moments of Jade and Andy! Cool! (www.TV Series

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  1. Sexiest & Hottest Chinito Prince!!! Also most valuable hearthrob.

  2. If you want to watch Andy's shower scene, click here: