Jolo Revilla's Return in 'My Binondo Girl' Threatens the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim Loveteam!

After his medical rest, Jolo Revilla, one of the three leading men of Kim Chiu returns in their top-rating TV series "My Binondo Girl."

Jolo is playing the character of Onyx, the childhood friend of Jade who has a special feeling for his bestfriend. His tandem with Kim was well-supported by viewers in the early part of their soap.

But when Jolo took a leave, fans find chemistry to the pair of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. The love team now called as KimXi is very popular and keeps on growing with million fans. In the TV series, Kim-Xian pair is called team JaNDY. Fans ever requested for more exposure of Kim-Xian pair and wish that Jade and Andy will be together in the end!

Now that Jolo returns, he serves as a great threat to the KimXi loveteam. Here is the teaser of the upcoming episode of "My Binondo Girl" featuring the return of Onyx (Jolo):

Another new love triangle will emerge on TV! Kim will be torn between Jolo and Xian!

Can Onyx retrieve his supposed to be romance with Jade?! And how will the blooming relationship of Andy and Jade prosper now that Onyx returns?!

These are some of the exciting new twists we should watch out in the next episodes of "My Binondo Girl." Are you still Team Kim-Xian or now Team Kim-Jolo?! (www.TV Series

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