The Story of 'Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin!'

GMA-7 revived their hit 2001 Primetime TV series "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" starring Angelika Dela Cruz, Sunshine Dizon, Sherwin Ordoñez, and Cogie Domingo.

In the 2011 remake, Barbie Forteza, Joyce Ching, Joshua Dionisio, and Kristofer Martin reprise their respective roles.

Here is the quick synopsis of the said remake:

Despite having different personalities, Mylene (Barbie Forteza) and Clarissa (Joyce Ching) are each other’s best friend. The two are inseparable until a landslide strikes their community, which causes Mylene to suffer from amnesia.

While wearing Mylene’s necklace, Clarissa ends up in a slum area, where she grows up in the care of a family of crooks. Here, she becomes friends with Jepoy (Kristoffer Martin), whose father (Kier Legaspi) sees Clarissa as a bad influence to his son.

Meanwhile, Mylene lives a difficult, new life as Katherine renamed by Ising (Matet de Leon), the woman who saved her from the landslide. After Ising is accused of stealing from the evil Raquel (Shirley Fuentes), Katherine needed to work as a house maid to pay for Ising’s debts and to get her out of prison. Having no memory of her former life, she meets her only friend and confidante in Charles (Joshua Dionisio), the son of their next-door neighbor.

Both girls have learned to accept their fate until Clarissa runs into Ferdinand (Gardo Versoza), who mistakes her for being her missing daughter for she is still wearing Mylene’s necklace. Clarissa sees this as an opportunity to lead a more comfortable life and pretends to be Mylene. She then lives in the Fuentebella mansion, to the dismay of her good friend Jepoy.

By a startling twist of fate, Clarissa then pretending to be Mylene, crosses paths with Charles and develops romantic feelings for him. As she tries to attract Charles, Clarissa points false allegations at Katherine, without realizing that Katherine and her cousin Mylene are one and the same.

"Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" airs weekdays right after "Pahiram Ng Isang Ina" in the GMA-7's renewed afternoon block now called as Afternoon Prime! (www.TV Series

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  1. Beautiful plot story, unfortunately the role of Catherine who ruin the whole scenario, she should know how to portray with strong feeling for her role at the last scene that she's fighting back to prove who she was but she acted so lifeless, at that moment since she knows who she was, be brave and strong to fight your right, not to talk very dull as if she's sleeping, she's lack of ability in acting she need more practice and her personality as if she's stupid for the whole story, she never show any braveness nor fight, very poor role, all star cast gifted true real feeling with strong voice like Amara, good role for Charles he knows what his role, Fernando very good portrayal as well Lilian and Clarisa well verse and portrayal except for Catherine she's no good to any role that I've seen in any T.V. series how did she become an actress, lack of ability in everything, I am sorry for her, she's like Bianca King, very dull to portray it won't click or people will love it. The best portrayal for any image with strong feeling Mariane Rivera in Amaya, very perfect role.