A Sexy Pictorial of 'Aswang!'

If you were asked, "kung sila ang mga aswang na kakagat sa'yo, magpapakagat ka ba?!"

Well, asking me the same question above, yes I want! They were really hot and yummy...!!!

This is one of the sexy pictorials of the upcoming Regal horror film "Aswang!" As you can see, the three sexy lead cast were altogether in the photo!

Joem Bascon, Paulo Avelino, and Lovi Poe topbill this Halloween movie offering of Regal Films.

They say that this movie "Aswang" is the remake of the 1991's Alma Moreno movie of the same title under Regal Films. Manilyn Reyes and the child Aiza Sequerra joined Alma in that said horror movie! Yes, I was able to watch that film with my mother before in the last full show! I was also a kid that time!

This 2011 "Aswang" seems so exciting because of the hotness of the lead characters! We really can't wait for this!

"Aswang" will open in theaters on November 2, 2011 as a Halloween offering of Regal entertainment! Oh please, bite me now guys! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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