Robin Padilla and Vhong Navarro Lead the Comeback of Kapamilya Sitcom Via 'Todamax!'

The so-called Idol of Philippine Cinema and Prince of Comedy join forces for the return of sitcom in the Kapamilya station! Robin Padilla and Vhong Navarro once more united for the newest TV comedy program called "Todamax!" They were joined by the comedy goddess Pokwang!

"Todamax" trails the story of a hillbilly named Tol (Robin) whose journey begins when his wife died and decided to take on a new path in Manila. Together with his two children Sandy and Ron-Ron, Tol finds himself living with his cousin Justin Bibbo (Vhong). Justin is an aspiring chef who dreams to become well-known, despite his poverty-ridden life as a carinderia owner.

Regardless of their opposite characters—Tol being firm, serious and brave and Justin is funny, playful and organized—they both did not let challenges interfere and struggle to help each other in raising Sandy and Ron-ron in an unconventional family setting.

Pokwang’s role as Lady G, a poor girl turned-millionaire, on the other hand, will challenge Justin’s life but will soon change, as she meets Tol and became attracted to him.

This newest sitcom is a light and funny family oriented show that will surely make the viewers laugh their hearts out. Follow the story of Tol and Justin and how they will handle the different trials in life.

Izzy Canillo, Aaliyah Benisano, Jobert Austria, and Darwin Tolentino completed the cast members.

"Todamax" premieres this coming Saturday, November 5, 2011 before “Maalaala Mo Kaya” only on ABS-CBN. (www.TV Series

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