'Untitled Jersey City Project': The New Trend of TV Series Drama!

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As time passes by, TV series  also develops. Nowadays, different types of TV series were now spreading like mushrooms in different TV stations!

Do you already heard of  Untitled Jersey City Project ?! Yup, this is a unique experiment in the development of an entertainment concept: it’s a work-in-progress television drama. It's an extra-ordinary TV series drama that will give you the full excitement, breath-taking twists, hi-tech effects, and must see unexpected episodes!

The eight short-form episodes of "Untitled Jersey City" Project are fragments from a larger story, with many of the story threads left unresolved.  But from these eight episodes, this much is clear:

The story of this new FX program is set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan. A shining new city is being built on the edge of this gritty town. But while the glass office towers and condos are sleek and new, the rules of the game haven’t changed one bit.

Everyone here has something to gain – money, fame, power. Or they can lose big. Or they could end up dead. 

Here is the Episode Four of the eight-episode series. Let's all watch this:

In this episode, the lead characters Frank and Jane are involved in high speed chase but don’t know who is driving the other car. Could it have anything to do with a conversation Frank and Ray had just a few hours earlier? Are the risks of failure more serious than Frank originally suspected?

The story is really amazing! IN every episode, it seems that we're solving a puzzle! More questions came out in every scene. But still, the answers lie in our imagination!

How about you, what's your thought about this new episode of Untitled Jersey City Project? Are you now getting hooked with this new TV series?! Definitely!

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