The 2011 TV Series Craze Awards Best TV Series Category is Split Into Five Categories!

The much awaited 2011 TV Series Craze Awards is more exciting! More new awards of your choice are now be given!

The major category of our very own TV Series Craze Awards which is the Best TV Series of the year is split into five categories. This category is now called as the Overall Best TV Series.

Here are now the new additional categories:

1. Overall Best TV Series of 2011

2. 2011 Best Primetime TV Series

3. 2011 Best Daytime TV Series

4. Best TV Series Remake of 2011

5. 2011 Youth-Oriented Series

Since there were lots of emerging TV series from the daytime, we decided to split the awards into Best TV series of Daytime and of Primetime. You may now vote from your favorite and bet TV series coming from Primetime and from Daytime.

And since there were many TV series remakes which created impacts and became phenomenal hits, we also decided to give an award base on your votes to the best TV series remake of this year!

2011 also marks the rise of different youth-oriented shows. So, we decided to have another category which is the Best Youth-Oriented Series category.

But of course, only one Best TV series will emerge! And it will be crowned as the Overall Best TV Series of 2011. The nominees were the Top 15 chosen hit TV series of 2011. Only one of them will grab the title!

On my next posts, we will now reveal the nominees so that you can now start voting! Good luck! (www.TV Series

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