The Teaser and Full Trailer of 'My Fair Lady!'

A brand new romance-comedy or rom-com Koreanovela will start hitting our afternoon. ABS-CBN will air starting tomorrow, September 19, 2011 the hit Korean TV series "My Fair Lady."

"My Fair Lady" tells the story of a spoiled brat rich girl and a poor man. We will see how a bratinela will fall in love with the simple happy go lucky guy!

Here are the Tagalog-dubbed full trailer and teaser of "My Fair Lady." Let's all watch this and see how the story of it will go:

"My Fair Lady" is another offering of ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold. It's timeslot will be right after the Chinovela "The Fierce Wife". Definitely starting tomorrow, we will have a back to back Asinovela from the so-called First and True Home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN! (www.TV Series

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