Gerald Anderson Plays a Special Child in 'Budoy!'

Primetime Action Drama Prince Gerald Anderson returns in TV series via the first ever advocacy-serye "Budoy!"

For the second time around on TV, Gerald will play a special child. We may recall that Gerald played before the character of a man with Tourette Syndrome in the "Lubid" episode of "MMK" in 2010. And his role in the said drama-anthology really created a mark and leads him to be cited as a Best Performance by An Actor in the different award giving bodies during that year!

In his newest TV series, Gerald plays Budoy, a young man having a mind of a 10-year old child. Budoy is the son of Dr. Gregor Maniego (Tirso Cruz III), the top ob-gynecologist in the Philippines and Luisa Maniego (Zsa zsa Padilla), Dr. Maniego’s secretary who he chose to marry despite his mother’s disapproval.

Dr. Maniego came from a family of doctors—his mother Dr. Alberta Maniego (Barbara Perez) is a brilliant oncologist while his brother Dr. Isaac Maniego (Christian Vasquez) is a famous brain surgeon.

Budoy’s birth is a family blessing that later on turned into a family shame when they discovered that Budoy is suffering from Angel Syndrome, which delays the intellectual development of a child.

The family decided to hide their “dishonor”—their abnormal son Budoy—and replace him with a normal child.

This is another promising teleserye! And everyone really awaits a brand new Gerald Anderson! Great!

"Budoy" is set to hit the Primetime this coming September 26, 2011 replacing "Guns and Roses"! (www.TV Series

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