Benjamin Tang in the New Coca-Cola Smoke TVC!

The famous softdrink brand Coca-cola launches a new cool TV commercial. And everyone is wondering who is the handsome guy who is featured in the said TVC. Do you know who is he?!

Yup, he is no other than the hunk model Benjamin Tang! And he is focused in the said TV commercial!

The new TV commercial of Coke called the Coca-Cola Smoke TVC shows a yummy fried fish being attracted by a Coke Softdrink. Then a handsome man eats the fried fish using his pork and drinks Coke afterwards!

Here is the said cool and yummy new TV commercial of Coca-Cola. Let's all watch this and feel the yumminess:

Actually before the launch of the said TV commercial, Benjamin already tweeted about it.

Here is the said tweet of Benjamin about the said new TVC:

Benjamin Tang nowadays is very visible in the different TV commercials. Aside from this Coke TVC, Benjamin is also featured in the new Jollibee Hash Brown Burger TVC!

Benjamin is a sexy yummy hunk model of Bench Body. He also graces the different covers of hot magazines particularly the Metro Magazine Body issue with Megan Young wherein he exposes his yummy hot body!

In his TV commercials, Benjamin is very wholesome! We can't easily recognize him as the sexy hot male model! But still, he so hot even though wrapped with clothes! Great one Benjamin! Thumbs up to you! (www.TV Series

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