New Poll: Who is Your Pinay Thalia?!

Thalia is one of the famous TV series superstar! She is now hail as the "Queen of Telenovela" as her different telenovelas like "Marimar", "Maria Mercedez," "Maria La Del Barrio", and "Rosalinda" hit the country by storm!

The Philippine TV series adapted her three of the top-rating Mexiconovela. GMA-7 made their Philippine adaptation of "Marimar" in 2007 and "Rosalinda" in 2009. ABS-CBN on the other hand this year creates our very own "Maria La Del Barrio!"

Marian Rivera played "Marimar," Carla Abella portrayed "Rosalinda," and Erich Gonzales gives life to "Maria La Del Barrio!"

Three actresses play the Philippine version of Thalia! With this, we are now opening a new TV Series Craze online poll survey! Who do you think among Marian, Carla, and Erich perfectly portrays the character of Thalia in the TV series?! Who has the right to be called as our very own Pinay Thalia?!

Start casting your votes! Voting is now officially open! You may now vote on the right side panel of this website!

You may even vote in the TV Series Craze Fan Page in Facebook by clicking "Like" to the respective pictures of Marian, Carla, or Erich if who among them is your bet. Here is the link.

Marian Rivera as Marimar, Carla Abella as Rosalinda, and Erich Gonzales as Maria La Del Barrio...who has the guts to be called as the Pinay Thalia?! The answer defends on your choice! (www.TV Series

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