Who Will Mary Marry in the End of 'Mary Me Marry?!'

2010's another hit romance-comedy Koreanovela which is airing on ABS-CBN will step on its final episode! This afternoon, we will witness the much-awaited finale of "Marry Me Mary!"

Who do you think Mary will marry in the final episode of this Korean series?! To whom will she give her final 'I Do'?! Will it be a 'happily ever after' in the end?!

These are just some of the exciting questions in the mind of the viewers. But later this afternoon, the answer will be revealed!

But before the exciting wedding, let's take a look first to this romantic photo poster of the two lead characters below:

Awesome! It's really nice and beautiful to fall in love over and over again! And it's better if two persons are loving you!

Mary, the lead character in the story is torn between two gorgeous handsome men! She's about to choose between these two. And both of them were good and fits to our leading lady!

Catch the concluding episode of "Marry Me Mary" later this afternoon in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold at 4:30pm right before "I Dare You!" "Marry Me Mary" will be replaced by another Koreanovela "The Pierce Wife!" (TV Series Craze)

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