Zaijan Jaranilla Returns in 'Wansapanataym' as 'Dirty Larry!'

Child superstar Zaijan Jaranilla returns on "Wansapanataym" now as "Dirty Larry," the boy who never takes a bath!

This is the second comeback of Zaijan on Primetime TV after his fantaserye. We may recall that last Saturday, Zaijan also appeared in the drama anthology "MMK" as Andoy, the child tour guide!

Here in "Wansapanataym," he will cast a spell as he plays the role of a boy who hates taking a bath. One day, the germs on Larry’s skin come to life and attack his mother. In the end, he saves his mother and learns the important lesson on proper hygiene.

Here is the teaser of another exciting magical episode of this fantasy anthology:

The said episode is under the direction of Eric John Salud.

Ms. Lara Quigaman and Mr. Erik Fructuoso play the parents of Zaijan in this another magical story!

"Wansapanataym" airs every Saturday right after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN. (TV Series Craze)

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