Meet Jake Ejercito, Andi Eigenmann's Latest Sweetheart!

Jake Ejercito is very popular nowadays. He is the current boyfriend of now's controversial young actress Andi Eigenmann.

After the revelation and confirmation that the Heiress of Drama is already 4 months pregnant, his name together with the "Mara Clara" heartthrob Albie Casiño eventually became the talk of the town. Since Andi's mother Ms. Jacklyn Jose didn't confirmed if who's the real father of her daughter's baby, these two guys were possible suspects.

Everybody got curious about Jake. Do you already saw or knew him?! Well if not yet, here are some of Jake Ejercito's pictures. Let's take a quick glance on them:

Just like Albie Casiño, Jake Ejercito is also young, cute, and handsome! With his looks, he can easily rise to stardom if he decided to enter showbiz.

Jake Ejercito is the son of former President Joseph Estrada to the actress Laarni Enriquez. His name is already popular in the field of showbiz and politics.

What can you say about this guy?! I'm sure in the succeeding days, he will become more popular! c",)

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