Albie Casiño or Jake Ejercito?! Who's the Real Father of Andi Eigenmann's Baby?!

Who do you think is the real father of Andi Eigenmann's baby? Is it the former boyfriend Albie Casiño or the present sweetheart Jake Ejercito?!

After the revelation of Andi's pregnancy, people got very curious about the real father of the baby since her mother Jacklyn Jose didn't pinpointed the real guy. Rather, she just said, it's Andi's 'first boyfriend!'

“First boyfriend nya. Wala na sila noon. Iniwanan siya noong nabuntis siya. I’m okay with that. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I don’t have business with him. I feel angry every time I think of him but that’s over na,” Ms. Jacklyn Jose expressed.

Albie Casiño and Andi Eigenmann

Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann

The "Mara Clara" star Albie Casiño was romantically linked with Andi months ago. Last May, they broke apart and even got a feud via Twitter when Albie accused Andi of cheating him. It wasn't confirmed that Albie is Andi's first boyfriend.

Just recently, Jake Ejercito, the son of former President Joseph Estrada came to the scene. He is the new boyfriend of Andi right after Albie. Definitely, he can't be tagged as the 'first' boyfriend. But, we're unsure if Jake is already linked with Andi even though Albie and Andi were still on.

Jake even broke his silence hours after the spread of Andi's pregnancy through his Twitter account. According to him: “I’d just like to ask everyone not to jump into conclusions and misinterpret what has been said. I am not Andi’s first boyfriend. Let us just respect and pray for her, her baby, and family.”

On the other hand via her official Twitter account, Albie's mother, Rina Casiño, said she is not denying nor confirming that Albie is the father of Andi's baby. "No one's denying nor confirming. Just saying he is not her 1st bf & I didn't hear ms jaclyn say Albie did u?," Mrs. Casiño said!

Well, if you're to ask, who do you think is the real father of Andi's baby?! Is it really either Albie or Jake?! Or there's another man?! I'm leaving the judgement to you! c",)

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