Jason Abalos and Rayver Cruz Compete for Cristine Reyes' Heart in 'Reputasyon!'

Two hunk actors compete for the heart of Cristine Reyes in this newest Kapamilya daytime TV series "Reputasyon!"

It is the very first time that Jason and Rayver work together in one TV series. Jason and Rayver has a great resemblance. For many times, people get confuse between these two hunk yummy actors. Jason sometimes is mistakenly identify as Rayver and vice versa! How about now that they will work together in one teleserye?!

If this is the first time that Jason and Rayver work together, this is on the other hand a reunion project for Cristine Reyes and Jason Abalos and also a reunion for Rayver and Cristine. Jason and Cristine first teamed up in "Eva Fonda" while Rayver and Cristine first paired in "Martha Cecilia's Kristine." Both said soaps were sexy themed Primetime TV series!

If you're to ask, which will you prefer between Jason and Rayver, who will you choose?! Who is hunkier between the two?! Who is more talented and a better actor?! And who will you bet for Cristine Reyes in the story?!

Cristine Reyes in the soap plays the role of Agnes Delos Santos, a young woman who will struggle for her lost dignity!

"Reputasyon" just recently premiere right after "Happy Yippe Yehey" in ABS-CBN's daytime Kapamilya Gold block! Cristine plus Jason and Rayver truly sizzle! c",)

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