The Father of Andi Eigenmann and The Father of Andi Eigenmann's Baby Become the Trending Topic!

After the exclusive interview of the veteran actor Mark Gil on the July 10, 2011 episode of "The Buzz", Mark Gil becomes the trending topic on Twitter. Even his hints about the real father of Andi's baby eventually becomes the topic in the worldwide web.

Mark Gil becomes the unpromoted top trending topic in the Philippines. Worlwide, he's at No. 8.

Who do you think is the real father of Andi Eigenmann's baby?! Do you already connected the clues given by Mark?!

Here are some of the excerpts of Mark Gil's interview in "The Buzz" with Boy Abunda last Sunday. Let's read between the lines:

“Konsensya. We’re not asking anything from you…”

“All we ask is harapin mo. Tanggapin mo, aminin mo. But we don’t need you!”

“Itong taong ito ang pangit ng ugali niya. I feel deceived. The gulpihan issue, sinampal- sampal daw niya, tapos meron pang nangyari sa Greenbelt na public pa raw. This is my daughter, huwag naman. Not just my daughter, she’s Andi Eigenmann, si ‘Agua Bendita’ … Bastos, sobra. My daughter doesn’t deserve this...”

“There are too much details of it that I don’t want to touch about it. Kalimutan na natin ang first issue na gulpi-gulpi, yong buntis at hindi mo aaminin at hindi mo haharapin and then palalabasin mo pa na… ‘yong playgirl This Formsping thing. Stop this. Don’t do this to my daughter, don’t do this to us!”

“Ngayon palalabasin niyo pa, ‘we are happy and we are willing to have a DNA test?’ Come on. That’s enough insult.”

Mark even revealed that the “guy” compelled Andi to consume an abortive pill!

Though Mark didn't give any name if who is this guy, people think that it's the young actor Albie Casiño. The words formstring, hitting Andi in Greenbelt, accusing Andi of Playgirl, and DNA test are some of the clues pinpointing Albie.

Andi told her Daddy Mark that she is having a baby girl on Father's Day. Mark assured her daughter that Andi and her baby will have the support of the whole family even if the guy doesn’t want to acknowledge his obligations. He also said he is ready to forgive the guy if he apologizes sincerely for physically hurting Andi.

Now who do you think is the real father of Andi Eigenmann's baby whom Mark is referring to?! c",)

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